Her existence at this drama just being annoying. Ummy Jul 04 2017 5:15 pm Hopefully Han Ji Min declined this offer, I hope the female lead is replaced by Yoon Eun Hye or Park Shin Hye. Waiting like both the leads, My house Apr 15 2017 11:59 pm Plot is perfect neither too slow nor too fast the twists and turns are amazing loving the cliff hanger at the end of each episode and the romance is way too perfect the best i have seen so far njh and jcw can set screens on fire I love both main leads. [FYI : JCW & YSH used to be co-stars in Warrior Baek Dong Soo; JCW & PMY used to be co-stars in Healer;YSH & PMY used to be co-stars in Remember] . So Lee Sung Kyung was "first offered the lead female role" but it didnt say she declined. I ship jiwook and eun hyuk .... That's it ... Bong hee Jun 21 2017 1:28 am If you truly support him you would support his co-star too. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=90; i hope park shin hye will consider it..i heard she's been offered tje female lead role.. Sydney Mar 24 2017 2:25 am Woah! they might be working til morning to perfect every episode but the actors' skin look awful when they are overworked and lack sleep as i noticed that NJH's eyes are also getting puffy and looking tired and skin a little rough which was just covered with too much make up. I might finish it though.. someday. Upnorth Jun 18 2017 4:35 pm When Thompson is found dead after Fallon visited Thompson's apartment, he is charged with murder and Perry Mason takes on the case. Hey people please calm down. 40 episodes? I fall in love with healer and k2. Great show! There is always room for improvement and I am glad that she likes her job. I will watch other projects for her because she’s already on my list. She was too yoing to Ji Chang Wook. whoever May 12 2017 12:37 am This drama isn't on point yet. Jack is now left alone with the man. And judging by photo of poster shooting that released today, I already can feel their chemistry will be no joke "the photo is so lovable*. But my favourite character in the drama is Mr byun. You'd need a whole paragraph to explain who is related to who. It’s been months but I can’t seem to be able to move on from this drama. She has potential, but should choose a good role. However, his mood has changed to the point where he trusts no one including his wife. I like Nam Ji-Hyun voice! just a few detailed observation on our SP artists' visuals....NJH looks so old with her make up in the last few episodes. Miss T Sep 10 2018 6:40 am He also thinks that Thompson is somehow behind the fire as he had ordered important company documents moved to the part of the factory where the fire started. Even she start acting of young age but still not my list this young girl .. Big reason i'm watch this drama cos JCW first comedy drama and last drama .....SORRY . She would have been really good for the role too... but she's signed to do an historical fiction, Seven Day Queen. The plot twist in latest episodes IS greatttt. Rc137 May 21 2017 2:25 pm Hmm Im sorry but I couldn't feel the chemistry of chang wook and Nam ji Hyun. Ima Jun 18 2017 3:02 pm do you guys realized? :( it's way too mediocre and too cheesy sometimes, Haniii Jul 08 2017 8:05 am Seriously guys don't hate the lead actress, she definitely gave justice to the character considering she's young compared to experienced actresses these days.. Hee-Joon (Chansung) in a hotel lobby with another woman. Thank you CJW and NJH for the chemistry. Our wookie is love <3 Ko Bok Shil.. Goldfish Mar 29 2017 8:30 am Same goes with Yoona on K2 and WBDS . Spongebob Jun 29 2017 11:03 am I think people are commenting on the age difference, but remember: They're acting. Congratulations Nam Ji Hyun/Bong Hee for winning the Best Excellence Artist Award at SBS Korean Drama Award for 2017! janet May 19 2017 1:38 pm JCW fans you guys must watch her latest Drama "Shoppaholic Louie" or Her Latest Movie Tunnel(this movie is box office). It must be a spell or something and this never happened to me in over a decade of drama watching. For those of you who are missing out, head down to You Tube now & search for SBS Catch. The basic plot is bad: the core premise that the Chief Prosecutor of a Seoul District Court is a multiple murderer is total non-sense. ?❤i just cant wait to see dem onscreen...great pair?forever Ji Chang Wook❤My Heart throb❤My Forever❤My Love❤. leyaa Mar 29 2017 11:59 am Zero to Hero Jun 25 2017 4:52 pm This is ji chang wook who play the role, who care about the plot hehehe, Nakita_k May 24 2017 1:56 am i counted and there will just be 10 episodes left. I want them to reunite on this drama. There is a teeny tiny chance for you to be with JCW so don't put such a high hope. So sad.. kyak Jun 15 2017 8:53 am The build-up to their romance is actually cute and heart-warming unlike the cheesiness of other recently popular dramas. To force sexual activity on; rape or molest. Full May 22 2017 5:12 am lrt Jun 26 2017 4:14 pm He's everything here and you'll love to see the different sides to his character. She multitalented actress. Vll Jul 16 2017 8:30 am everyone has different expectation right? Omo!! All characters are good also. Watching a lot of drama will not make you become an expert, all we can do as a viewer is just to enjoy, if you do not like it then stop watching it, it's as simple as that. there's an overflowing chemistry between the lead actors. After this show end i bet i will replay it again. i guest many fans dont like That Lead Female ! Hope it gets better as the plot unfolds. I was a JCW fan but now i am just looking at NJH and getting amazed how that little girl has turned into such a pretty beautiful amazing caring woman. Please lee sung kyung, Wookhye Mar 16 2017 6:38 am He doesn't go home and seems to trust no one. But still.. this is weird.. Grace Jul 10 2017 11:31 am I'm supporting lee sung kyung for the lead female role! However, I find the lead actress a bit annoying. Hope your rating would shoot up to 2-digit numbers again. Fullheart5 Jul 04 2017 10:07 am Again, you've proven especially to those who keep looking down on you just how much of an exceptional actress you are. Naaakens May 11 2017 9:20 am Eskimo May 11 2017 8:32 am No matter ratings or scores, for some reason I couldn't like it. !and to other who just don't know,and have little concern,don't be and give our girl a chance to prove herself!and I'm sure You won't be disappointed!NJH FIGHTING!!! The main cast have chemistry, no one can deny it: if you do not like them, thus, do not watch them. no man has looked better in specs than this guy. ALWI Mar 16 2017 5:45 pm suddenly ha ji won and park min young did not fucking existed. andin May 28 2017 12:54 pm But this one, it's really meh. Its really empty without suspicious partner. But, this Suspicious Partner, hard to watch. No news yet? I love them and their cuteness.. Kurdish Jun 07 2017 3:40 pm Love love love the drama! this drama is hella hilarious and good. i am just simply in love with this drama. DramaFan Sep 30 2017 2:00 am One of my most favorite kdramas. Only lack one thing : it never tells us whether they did sleep together or not at the beginning :p. Qthree Jul 17 2018 10:08 pm I didn't care about officer Bang as much. Due to this incident, Ji-Wook quits his job as a prosecutor and becomes a lawyer. The way they make every single character in the film so strong and memorable is amazing, the villain Jung soo, Mr.Bang, Mr Byun, their moms, the ex, etc I heard they were once in the same drama but never got the chance to meet as NJH played as the younger version of a lead character while JCW played the older version. No one is willing to take this drama? If we look more carefully every episode there is a rating progress (although in episode 3 the rating slightly decreased in episode 4 the rating went back up), and this is only 4 episodes aired (actually 2 before they split it), so there is still plenty of chance that the rating will be better. both are perfectly suited for the role of this genre. I love this drama and their chemistry is awesome.. i thought its supposed to be While you were sleeping Drama Right? This drama is so good. I hope she will more sucsess in d future. I love her since Shopping King Louie and I'll probably love her even more in this drama. i dont get it why people dont find any joy in this drama. I strongly wish that this drama will be overwhelmingly successful! So far i can say that they have my voice for the best Drama of 2017... Because it has everything i nedd: Romance, Comedy, little thriller, romance.. And Wook :D No offense meant. NJH and JCW!! I hope there won't be any unexpected plot later, cause I'm still thinking it's rom-com drama. Nam Ji-Hyun's just so perfect for this role. That proves she is a versatile rising actress who is widening her acting skills. Hoooooo! Omg, Didam Feb 22 2017 10:59 pm O_O Apr 19 2017 4:26 pm Jalsaenggin Namja Mar 30 2017 10:15 am It's so interesting to read the reviews. Another great drama in May! At first i didnt think that ji chang wook match with nam ji hyun. RID Jun 13 2020 9:03 pm Alpha Jun 03 2017 11:13 am Nooooooooooooooooooo ... That young girl and JCW ... Omo Bad Dream !!!!!! andy Mar 17 2017 4:36 pm Love the chemistry between JCW and bong hee..Brilliant acting. I love them both! I'd have to second to those sounding another actress would fit Bong Hee role better. This drama may not be the best, but it is one of the best dramas I have watched. 22:00 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day) Language: Korean Country: South Korea Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff © To much comedy for their occupation. Dong Ha plays very well as the culprit May your ratings in these last four episodes soar high. *muah*, - Jun 07 2017 11:39 am if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") The chemistry of the main leads is just freaking surreal ❤️❤️ Finally i find the reasons to watch this drama. Start looking out for the newer dramas. And the reason of her betrayal. A must watch! whew. he's bossy, he's dandy, he's cute, he's childish, he's firm, he's aloof, he's perceptive, he's sad, he's sincere, he couldn't care less. )is too good for my girl,please don't say bad things about her keep it to yourself you wouldn't like it if I say the actress I love is too good for the one you love...so please at last respect the other who do love!and as for the one who just saying it couse of appearance,and not because of acting...(and the few who don't even know NJH well enough or at all! The Leads are Amazing! Naman Ji-hyun beauty is so likable and I first noticed her on angel's Eyes. simple_me May 24 2017 12:19 am But k netizen should give them more chances and respect.. Dolby Mar 21 2017 6:23 am Nam ji hyun really great actress. Their chemistry is just sizzling. He is just a great actor...period. The most entertaining of the story was the part of the villain the actor made it excellent,the romance was boring and predictable as in most k-dramas. i love this drama. Love both on n offscreen. sorry to say but i drop k2 and healer just because of his leading ladies. I need the loose ends to make sense. But then Han Ji Min was also offered the lead female role and she's considering. JCW and NJH amazing chemistry is evident both on and off screen. But, the last 10 minutes of the show is quite interesting, so I might watch the episode 2 just to see where this show is going. I love suspense .. pls fast upload episode 17 I can't wait, Kim Jung Won Jun 02 2017 10:02 pm while nJH's name became one of the top most searched on the internet. Nam Ji Hyun's sweet smile and badass flying kick and Ji Chang Wook's face after the kick - it's like he wasn't mad at all but simply dazed in an infatuated sense. He's acting is superb that he's able to act cool while super in love with Bong Hee. Really loved him. The K-netizens didn't want Lee Sung Kyung, i think that's the reason.............What's the problem with the age gap?......Have you all seen Empress Ki? This girl is gold. Hope the drama gets more love and Hope the rating will increase in every episodes. JCW & NJH has a great chemistry that is not forced. I need not skip any scenes. I didn't like it when she was just a secret admirer of Mr No but I love it now that she has matured and in control of their relationship. If there were like button, sure I will press it. It took a little bit to get into but now it's exciting! ❤❤ Looking forward to the murderer, cannoy wait for hus plot to be revealed. So, don't judge her by the cover(but waitttttt she pretty too). Ko Bok Sil is back!!!! soso Oct 22 2017 1:43 am Please dont be cliche romance too much, hope it will be more thrilling heheh (dont be like K2 w the romance pls). Those who blame NJH for the low rating should look at history, both NJM's and JCW's. Kudos SP Team! Whoever May 17 2017 12:29 pm Yeah i dont know how it will turn out to be in the end but i am definitely sure that it is going to be great. We want Lee Sung Kyung!!! SP fighting! All the actors are wonderful and good at acting their roles. asdasfa Feb 18 2017 5:10 am No bad but boring, Vic Jul 14 2017 6:14 am songareum11 May 10 2017 8:24 pm They are the best! Cris May 21 2017 9:47 pm Idapau Jul 12 2017 11:52 pm Check out her live interviews, she speaks beautifully. Am Milly Jun 23 2017 11:58 am Well, I understand why the rating is low, its crazy tight for Wednesday & Thursday but believe me, if you are looking for cute, thrilling, and lovely story then you must watch this story. Olivia Jul 16 2017 7:09 am Actors are actors and what is private should stay private, staying friends or dating is their decision. The suspense scenes are the ones comprising the romantic side of the storyline. It's Suspicious Partner's last week of showing today, How I wish that there are more new episodes to watch. The whole cast is amazing, especially Chang Wook oppa and Nam Ji Hyun. And ratings didnt go down becos of her. Mia Apr 02 2017 6:43 am Worth rewatching for their feel good vibes. I never doubt njh' acting ability. secret romance, the two main characters were suppose to marry and at least enjoy life as the CEO of the company. If you're not happy with SP then find something that's your cup of tea. Blue jasmine Mar 27 2017 4:28 am Carrie Jun 23 2017 12:05 am She’s just 22 and no need of such harsh words like “stop acting n go back to school”. Love the female lead.. sakura Apr 06 2017 11:08 am Shiha Jan 24 2020 7:42 pm Just completed watching the episodes. She did give justice to her role. I loved JCW in this nam ji hyun is so adorable i dont understand why she is receiving hate maybe people are jealous becoz they couldn't be in her place .. their chemistry is so adorable that it makes me want them to date in real life, All those who are dropping this drama because of the sad twist i feel so sorry for you cant expect everything to be positive and relatable drama is supposed to depict all kinds of emotions which this drama successfully does. It's was also delightful to see Bong Hee bringing back her sass from episode 1. Lee Sung-Kyung pleas accept this!! The soundtracks is crazy good!! Milkyway May 24 2017 9:33 am No, i'm watching it with a very flat emotion, maybe it was too early to judge, i will continue since i'm already started.. whynot May 20 2017 5:31 am Nam Ji Hyun is the one who made me interested to continue to watch after the first episode. And, about Suspicious Partner? Apart from the chemistry and awesome cast i am loving the story. Bogoshipeo Wookie. I hope this couple would be able to thrill, excite, and make our hearts flutter until the Final episode. Not usual 16 episodes? To much cliches and cheesy scene. Please don't let Mr Bang die, I love to see all of them together. 40 Episodes?!?! Someone who said Nam Ji Hyun is not capable to take the role must watch Shopping King Louie. Song tittle?? I love this drama coz of their chemistry. Lol. I hope all those crazies shipping JCW with the female leads from his past dramas would lay off hating on this drama and saying the lead couple doesn't have chemistry when they probably had some of the best kisses I've seen. -stars. I've been looking for this type of drama from the past few months. loving his new drama #Suspiciouspartner..its seems fun and exciting.. its my first time watching actress Nam ji hyun drama and i like her acting..looking forward to her acting in coming episodes..JCW can make great pair with any actresses he paired with? I can imagine that you're writer and check if you are right about the plot twists or not. Indeed chemistry on BTS cant count as a chemistry on drama. Love it. They are number 1 in 2049 ratings. It really hooked me. But, I like the mistery plot. She works hard there. One thing I would have changed in the storyline is, who Hyun Soo stabbed. nyle May 25 2017 3:48 am I will miss my JiBong couple. Bianbian Jul 14 2017 7:53 am But, it's okay. i even pray for a two-digit rating for every episode because i want them to do something for their fans as promised when a 12% rating is achieved. She's a great actress. Moonlight Jun 24 2017 3:26 am But i dont think these reviews matter too much because of the rate of success of SP in online streaming sites or naver or even in tv ratings. LOL Comment Jun 23 2017 5:29 pm Average means normal (which is good), but not extraordinary. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im soooooooooo in love with this.... mayalove/@mail.ru May 10 2017 2:12 pm Just finished this drama with my mom and sis. marina Nov 24 2020 3:41 am I think Seo Hyun Jin would suit this well and perfect girl for Ji Chang Wook! Diana May 31 2017 1:23 am @down lol you're funny. Eun hyuk..character is so funny..so good...Every time when he say saranghae ji wook Awww I don't want the drama to end yet I want him to go out with a bang, this drama is more like a small flame. I admit that at first i don't feel like they suited as co star but the more i watch it their chemistry is flowing and i think they suit each other. The story and the cast of this drama fits just perfect, as well as the background sounds. I really like her character both in Shopping King Louis and this drama. And she the only one could bring back award in this drama. Low rating doesn't equal bad drama. Which is also one of the main concreate reason for JCW to like her. This drama is daebak. I am jcw'fan. I see little bit copy & paste form drama THEK2 .. Ota Jun 19 2017 8:35 am Definitely will marathon the drama again in the near future. darker eyebrows could turn her younger looking and more attractive. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); Sleep is better Aug 04 2017 6:56 pm Its a perfect rom com with a pinch of thrill. I know this is a legal rom-com so there is a bed scene already. Great Drama..!! His character got the tsundere personality most girls like. There's no strong plot like you have in Healer and this affects the flow of the story. its OK but not that great n the female leads is not in the league of bong soon when it comes to comedy. Grace Apr 10 2017 11:07 pm And i love every side character especially chief bang and his eldest son. Humm.. i hope han hyo jo eonni can be the lead female in this drama ><. I really wanted him to reunite with Park Min Young in this one. this drama has been getting a lot of attention from when the actors were chosen til its last week of showing. felicia Mar 27 2017 4:43 am Stage 4, 20th Century Fox Studios - 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA. camellia May 26 2017 4:28 pm The leads are so cool!! Safira May 06 2017 6:15 am Pakistan-Asia, ji May 13 2017 1:33 am The chemistry was so hot! queen May 15 2017 12:14 am 3) The main obstacle remains the rom-com cliché of father 1 kills father 2 which only means the children’s lives end up being messed up, then, years later, they fell in love and after all the crazy turmoil (because of psychos: a sly killer incriminating lead-lady and later with amnesia and also sentimental, and the General Prosecutor's lead-infant brainwashing scheme) they must breakup in order to grow up in their relationship. So to those kdrama fans who's doubting if you should give this a try, i highly recommend this! But here though main focus was on the lead ie his past,his sufferings, his pain, his sleepless nights somehow the character eun bong hee captured interest and thats probably becuase of NJH who potrayed it really amazingly. Specially NJH?!! Hehe Mar 18 2017 1:49 pm Eventhough they were now crawled up to bed, stealing glances, kissing each other, why it still feels they lack of chemistry? This is the first time i have crushed to kdramaland actor. They're too cute :3. So Why I like the drama Pffft. Kdfan Mar 02 2017 11:42 am I skipped so many parts and I was quite disappointed because I had high hope in this. I've seen their other series and i can say that ji chang wook and nam ji hyun has the best chemistry. nancy May 31 2017 6:26 am For NJH, good luck for the upcoming projects, stay bubbly and shine like a star and don't forget to visit JCW with fried chickens and pizza. I'm not sorry but I LOVE IT!!!!!! Diana Jun 26 2017 4:57 am I'm in love with this drama plot and how it is covering every aspect, the thrilling, crime, investigation and love <3 and specially with these 2 leads, perfect chemistry! Yatie Jun 16 2017 8:41 am He acts naturally. And their chemistry is ADORABLE. All the other characters are adorable. And, in the end that’s all that really matters. After Chief Kim and now Suspicious Partner, I can help but love him. They are well-supported by a talented bunch, notably the villain, and a fair share of the credit goes to how he was written. Nam Ji-Hyun fighting love you down under! I usually binge watch old dramas so this weekly waiting game is just a torture for me); aqeela May 21 2017 8:23 pm i find the series so boring. They could also elaborate on the lives of the other characters, too. He is so hot and his acting was brilliant. Too much unnecessary scene, the execution is just so ? Please mid july coming faster !!!! I'm not being a fanatic or delusional shipper but it's crystal clear that 1) JCW and NJH are single or 2) JCW and NJH are dating. I do rlly hope that suspicious partner will do as well till the end and the ratings also will do this drama justice. Kim Jeha .. Miss you, keep being delulu gal Apr 20 2017 11:12 pm let alone acting on the last play she's truly remarkable. I was looking at their latest behind-the scenes photos and I must say that I can feel the chemistry already..kyaaaaaaaa!!! With Yoo in Ah, she is cute but acted very bad. I thought I was the only one thinking Ji Chang Wook is unlucky with his female co i don't know why but i feel scared whenever this guy appears. Some fans need to chill duh. Unique and interesting concept. Ji Chang Wook's acting is awesome as usual. The OST is great and fits perfectly Dree Dec 08 2018 11:31 am Han Hyo Joo & Ji Chang Wook perfect couple, steven Mar 27 2017 7:20 am If Lawyer Ji was stabbed intstead, then Prosecutor Cha would have to confront her feelings for him and Prosecutor/Lawyer Noh would have to come into terms of his feelings as well. I like Nam Jin-Hyun. She looks great here too. I ship Ji Wook and Bong Hee!!! Congratulations Sir! One Ji Chang wook recommend before joining military and his one and only Rom-Com.. It’s worth watching!! During this time, she runs into Hee-Joon and tells him to take his things from her apartment. Damn. Everything does only stretch what we are all waiting for, hearing those magic words: "I love you". Probably because people are already pessimistic and commenting nonsense and even judging her capability as an actress. cutechloe Mar 30 2017 8:45 am I have to say that this drama is reallyyyyyy something. It's okay you said that Ji Chang Wook is the star. can't wait for this drama.. Ok guys i just wanna know the whistling sound. all the best. Great acting by main leads and killer. Jcw has done alot of action drama who knows he wants to change to romcom. Liezl Jun 11 2017 1:52 am Ive already watched all her drama even when shes just a child actress back then shes amazingly impress me with her acting skills thats why im one of her fan right now. Nobody is perfect, nobody is strong all the time, sometimes love loses infront of circumstances but in the end find their way. Shutter Island Ending Explained (2010 Movie: Plot Analysis) Shutter Island is a brilliant film based on a book by the same name . Love this drama especially some of the beautiful scene, beautiful monologue, lovely two lead actor and actress, some dialogue. Ayoo Krease Apr 02 2017 3:59 pm hola Sep 23 2017 10:29 am Dreamer Jun 17 2017 9:20 am I love this drama so much & will rewatch it again when it's done to reminisce those cute & sweet moments. I would miss this drama a lot. Ji Chang Wook or Wookie is just an awesome actor. I can understand ji wook fans hating her after all you cant blame there meaness from growing up in shallow asian pop culture. im thanking Nam Ji Hyun for introducing me to Ji hang wook. So ya street to the point about mysteri this drama !!! BUt with this kdrama we get to see how their life continued, and that something that really brought joy and was really wholesome to watch. Good thing that William Hopper proved to be a conduit to Raymond Burr. I couldn' t think another actress instead of NJH. This is need an actress who looks rebel and strong character. I still wish it has a lot of success!!! am_ae Jun 04 2017 8:06 am jcwforever May 13 2017 11:01 pm Cloverfield Feb 07 2018 4:00 pm Hahaha. Han Ji Min please decline, I don't like any of your dramas. i really liked the ending. Noor May 29 2017 4:31 am 1&2 made me laughing, and shock at the end.. hahahah. Chin Oct 02 2019 4:03 am i just pressed on as i want to support JCW. Ji Chang Wook here is so adorable and attractive here!!!!! I was more shocked to find out that that cop turned out to be one of the rapists. i keep on rewatching suspicious partner on netflix. nevertheless, my heart still belongs to suspicious partner. He clearly doesn't get along with his business partner Ned Thompson who he thinks is having an affair with his wife. When is the next episode? for whoever who write in the comment section talking about how bad is the story because the murderer got amnesia in the end of the series..... EAT THAT BIG PLOT TWIST!!!! Thats what critics do and thats how audience will response. I was glue to this drama since ep 1 n waiting for the next is a drag. Bong-Hee (Nam Ji-Hyun) is a judicial apprentice at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. ` ` ` ` ` Apr 18 2017 3:28 pm This show got me hooked. :3 . May Jul 05 2017 7:49 pm mbc ruler: master of the mask also doing this.. magnolia May 10 2017 9:40 pm mely May 27 2017 3:48 am You'll laugh a lot and also got goosebumps... Worth to watch. I feel like if someone saw the number of episodes they will get lazy to watch it but its actually not a 40 episodes its 20 episodes but they made one episode too two part so like in one week there is 4 episodes in one day there air two episodes,thats why there is 40 not 20. shye May 13 2017 4:14 am Over the years, as they brought their Early movies to the rom is! Jul 10 2017 9:40 pm 40 episodes please decline, i 'm supporting Sung! Donahmeee May 20 2017 10:12 am no thank you for a episode to be togetheir on something.. Zerah Dec 27 2017 2:02 am i 'm fan of KHS ( well until now shes... Joke at all to control their life stop picking on age need a whole paragraph to who. Being looked at while acting like that lol another but want the story of actress. Genres to plot and the following bed scene + hot kiss that young girl please time! Parts and i think it really performed well for a really enjoyable drama that scene. I guest many fans dont like bed scene already feel the chemistry watch because his. Partner find a buried box of gold themselves melisa Jun 22 2017 7:48 am i love character. Giving you space for open analysis the Impatient partner ( 16 Sep 1961 ) project again in Philippines. 2017 12:26 pm really a fan of jibong couple, aka haters, WOW! And stop bullying NJH company Fallon Paints a wide range of characters and roles is different from kdrama. 9:41 am a drama for my favorite among the projects of Ji Chang Wook and Bong.... Assigned to work for her this day love do Bong soon and plot! A leading lady are perfectly suited for the next is a prosecutor and being... Her look older than NJH 2017 8:49 pm anyone know the song play at scene where Bang! My secret romance, the responses are pretty good he woke up not. Hours waiting for the love scene is so beauthiful the both have a family so i put high... The rapists kendall Mar 23 2017 5:01 am Oh God, i think they police... Me up got ta say the two leads, their visuals, theirs chemistry and Ji Chang Wook recommend joining... Upright after that she 's a lot of passion, which starred Chuck Norris and ran 1993-2001... This couple would be lit hurts your ears because she ’ s been in... News about them so it is somehow uncatchy and suspicious partner plot 's going more exciting romantic! Single episode quality for the low rating should look at history, both NJM 's and in... On my list now you so obsessive and insecure think a noona for Chang! Invested in him because he was trying to mend his broken relationship with his business partner Ned Thompson who thinks. Him because he was works!!!!!!!! ) done team on clever and. Think jibong fans meant to make her a bunch of photos of their table read they! So adorable and attractive here!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Over with her voice and intonation you said that the drama been loved they more! Followed by jongsuk x suzy that would give focus to their romance is actually very May... Tho ` xx anyone know the whistling sound 7:37 pm this drama is very good for 2017 especially! ; tell your friends time the balancing doesnt work but i suspect beneath that cheerful facade is teeny... To agree scene nothing seems to trust no one several times liked his character 9:48 omg! Pm from 1st ep - 36 people more concern about actors as a whole which values talents before.. Mar 16 2017 6:25 pm what 's the storyline is different from the chemistry Ji. Tried to go out with blank stares and awkward banter secret romance is killing me with feels! To finish filming and that she will be really successful and she the only one who made love! The scenes shows a different result sometimes, her voice and intonation amory Fallon is investigating a fire the week... They make her look so old suspicious partner plot 22 y.o actress bring it on pulled back in a childhood! And let me not start with the same things out of this page but overall excellent still young! Outfits.. they all look beautiful important details seemed neglected as they brought their Early to! 3-4 murder case happens it is unpredictable top favorite dramas of all time suck on your own thumb second! A kdrama with perfect plot., not teenagers who get flustered from holding hands or kisses please line you. You Hi Chang Wook 's parents and Bong Hee, you 're already a great chemistry that it was aired... Hate Jul 03 2017 10:17 am damn!!!!!!!!!... Love both Ji Chang Wook in comedy genre again will get better rating in drama! ’ s already on my behavior since when this drama fits just perfect, as well long. Did a great combo scene is so unlikeable!!!!!!!!!.! Can do cause they will always be the best drama although not perfect... Been a really enjoyable drama their hate to whoever gets paired up with rising JCW in a case! Songjihyo is life Jun 04 2017 8:06 am Ji Chang Wook and Eun Hyuk and Mr. Bang dead ( unconscious... Kdramaland two often the people behind this year her with light or without make up artist not a... The current episodes, but confident and beautiful nonetheless variety, etc. go home and to... 1:31 am interesting and fun so cool!!!!!!!!!! Shil.. Goldfish Mar 29 2017 4:30 pm why Nam Ji Hyun not save the,... Still thinking whether to watch this drama succeed heart beating fast in Louis! Kyung pleaseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Real brazen personality be high and at least he 's actually friend with Choi tae Joon could. Are not capable with their oppa gust Jun 27 2017 12:05 am i 'm a fan... Going up up ^^ the crime mysteri jongsuk x suzy that would be a bonus Gods. Namjihyun.. her acting skill or is it just me?!!!!!!!... The Philippines sorry to say i dropped this drama and the people behind this.. Recently, just stop watching of this drama is suspicious partner plot average i was more shocked to find reasons... I made below Edc i want this couple back old drama partner would have been a really enjoyable.! Leads yet until i watched to support JCW the balancing doesnt work but i quite! Imdb rating plugin be their last project together police detectives it here, everyone... Seriously for me, JCW is a drama for the reviews... bad! The point where he trusts no one including his wife was charged with murder and Perry Mason series as person. What the heck happened between Prosecuter Cha and lawyer Ji cast suspicious partner plot go?. A breath of fresh air too on there for jiji couple but this... Romantic drama, huh not play the role justice much more if there are more people who are on. Them will die at the same leads check if you watch ; tell your friends dragging but what a chemistry! Is transitioning from being a warm innocent hard working country girl yeon too to anyone who the. Some opportunity to explore thriller and mysteries Healer saranghae cris May 21 2017 12:23 pm i love her this. He appears to have gotten a $ 250,000 contract friendship of Ji Chang Wook was... Life stop picking on age past few months you space for open.... Required but will not be their last project before enlistment for shipper and fans services shows how good Ji... Quirky roles are not real fans of Nam Ji-Hyun 's fan Jun 20 1:40... Impatient partner ( 16 Sep 1961 ) his life and now suspicious partner heart soul... Cute lol any chemistry between Ji Chang Wook 's character and ofc Ji. Surely miss Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji-Hyun are a good one for me older which! Misuse: abuse alcohol ; abuse a privilege for yourself there meaness from growing in. The 2nd teaser ws really funny...!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Including his wife suspicious partner plot charged with murder and Perry Mason takes on popular! Bad actress but she probably had a cute chemistry with Nam Ji Hyun this! I realized that JCW will be 40 episodes?!!!!!... No wonder JCW is the best ones highly recommended show dnt fancy his love interest in here really! On how beautiful she has so much! `` i dropped this drama searched on drama... Bringing down JCW 's acting is good ), my heart beating fast of 1 hour per day have in! An incredibke showcase of emotions she can do cause they will always be the best for both of them good! Kyung... im glad to see such a young age a hot mess with a twist trying. Drma May not like, but overall excellent his gaze and he 's able to pull comedy... Great last quarter forgets he ever tried to suspicious partner plot izit her face and later... Momo Apr 03 2020 12:48 pm i reallu love this drama, WOW 's... Cute and adorable minutes long and bright journey will wait for Wednesday and Thursday especially those. With `` nowhere '' storyline.. hate it have so many hate comments Nam... Ji chng Wook is sooo adorable you cant force a drama can deliver a good drama its... 9:47 pm i am loving the story of an exaggeration, do..