Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1851, he allied with Stephen A. Douglas in support of the Kansas–Nebraska Act. [43] When Breckinridge did not travel to Illinois to campaign for Douglas's re-election to the Senate and gave him only a lukewarm endorsement, relations between them worsened. [187] As compensation, they gave their old boat and twenty dollars in gold to the owners of the larger craft, and returned some of their weapons after the exchange was complete. Following the Battle of Shiloh in 1862, he was promoted to major general, and in October he was assigned to the Army of Mississippi under Braxton Bragg. Besides being a man of wonderful courage, he had a keen eye to discern the strong and weak points of the enemy's position, skill in using his forces to the best advantage, and a celerity of movement which reminded me of Jackson. [48], Ten men received votes on the first vice-presidential ballot. 37th Cong., 2nd sess., 4 December 1861, 23", "Report of General Braxton Bragg, C. S. Army Commanding Army of Tennessee on the Battle of Stones River", Encyclopedia Virginia: "Saltville During the Civil War", "Brevard County, Florida : A Short History to 1955", Breckenridge or Breckinridge: Local Historian Breaks it Down, "Fort Breckinridge: Built Again and Again", "Kansas Counties: Breckinridge County, Kansas [defunct]", "John C. Calhoun statue vandalized in downtown Charleston", "New Orleans removed its Confederate monuments. ; Speech of Hon. Answer Save. From there, they continued on the St. Johns to Lake Harney where the boat was loaded on a wagon and hauled about 12 miles to Sand Point (today's Titusville) on the Indian River. Answer Save. John breckinridge s campaign slogan - Test Page for the SSL/TLS. He represented Kentucky in both houses of Congress and became the 14th and youngest-ever vice president of the United States, serving from 1857 to 1861. [130] For several weeks, he trained his troops in the city, and he also participated in the organization of a provisional Confederate government for the state. [48][109] In the lame duck session following the election, Congress adopted a resolution authored by Lazarus Powell, now in the Senate, calling for a committee of thirteen (Committee of Thirteen on the Disturbed Condition of the Country) "to consider that portion of the President's message relating to the disturbances of the country." [83] Breckinridge's presence on the ticket helped the Democrats carry his home state of Kentucky – which the party had not won since 1828 – by 6,000 votes. [26][200] Officials in Louisville tried to block the move, which would break the near-monopoly that the Louisville and Nashville Railroad had on southern trade. When the Union Army of the Cumberland, commanded by Major General William Rosecrans, attacked on December 31, 1862, beginning the Battle of Stones River, Bragg's main force initially repelled the attack. [202] As president of the newly formed Elizabethtown, Lexington, and Big Sandy Railroad company, he secured financial backing from Collis Potter Huntington for a railroad connecting Elizabethtown and Lexington to the Big Sandy River as part of a route linking those cities with the Atlantic Ocean. [163] Traveling by rail to Rockfish Gap on June 10, he marched his forces into the city of Lynchburg, Virginia. Under code duello, the individual being challenged retained the right to name the weapons used and the distance between the combatants; Breckinridge chose rifles at 60 paces. In God's name let it not terminate in farce. John Cabell Breckinridge was born at Thorn Hill, his family's estate near Lexington, Kentucky on January 16, 1821. Joined in Prestonsburg by Confederate sympathizers George W. Johnson, George Baird Hodge, William Preston, and William E. Simms, he continued to Abingdon, Virginia, and from there by rail to Confederate-held Bowling Green, Kentucky. [152] While there, Breckinridge and Brigadier General Basil W. Duke finally convinced Davis that further prosecution of the war was hopeless. [105] Lincoln swept most of the northern states, although New Jersey split its electoral votes, giving four to Lincoln and three to Douglas. [5] His assets were not enough to pay his debts, and his widow joined the children in Lexington, supported by her mother-in-law. [82] William Alexander Richardson, a Kentucky-born Congressman from Illinois, then suggested that nominating Breckinridge for vice president would balance Buchanan's ticket and placate disgruntled supporters of Douglas or Pierce. [97] A The New York Times editorial noted that while Buchanan was falling "in prestige and political consequence, the star of the Vice President rises higher above the clouds. [164], After Early and Breckinridge (who was now able to ride a horse) chased Hunter more than sixty miles away from the city, Lee ordered them to clear the Union forces from the Shenandoah Valley, then cross into Maryland and probe the defenses of Washington, D.C. Union forces' only serious attempt to turn back the expedition came at the Battle of Monocacy on July 9. [184], Arriving in Britain in late July, he consulted with former Confederate agents there and arranged communication with his wife, then in Canada. [171], James A. Seddon resigned his position as the Confederate Secretary of War on January 19, 1865. [107] He lost to Douglas in Missouri and Bell in Virginia and Tennessee. Upgrade Your Account to view more detailed information. [119] To avoid detainment, on September 19, 1861, he left Lexington. Born on January 16, 1821, in Lexington, Kentucky, he was named after his grandfather, who represented Kentucky in the U.S. Senate and served as Thomas Jefferson’s attorney general. [205], By 1873, Breckinridge began to experience health problems which he referred to as "pleuro-pneumonia". [196] Speaking as a private citizen in March 1870, he publicly denounced the actions of the Ku Klux Klan. Fellow Confederate George M. Edgar, describing Breckinridge's performance, wrote: General Breckinridge had few if any superiors on the field of battle. [221] The racially motivated Charleston church shooting in South Carolina in June 2015 reinvigorated demands for the removal of monuments dedicated to prominent pro-slavery and Confederate figures. [190], Desiring to return to the U.S. but still fearing capture, Breckinridge moved his family back to Niagara in June 1868. "[178], Breckinridge rode into Abbeville, South Carolina on the morning of April 28. Eyewitness accounts recall him to have said, "Gentlemen, the South has lost its best friend. John Breckinridge (December 2, 1760 – December 14, 1806) was a United States Senator and Attorney General. Artillery on the opposite side of the river then opened fire on Breckinridge's men, and a fresh Union division under Brigadier General James S. Negley arrived to reinforce the fleeing troops. [162] He was still unable to walk or ride when Lee ordered him to take command of the survivors of the Confederate defeat at the Battle of Piedmont. [98][100] The delegates from Alabama and Louisiana – all of whom had walked out at Charleston – had been replaced with Douglas supporters from those states, leading to the nomination of Douglas and Herschel Vespasian Johnson for president and vice president, respectively. It was enough, according to Mrs. Breckinridge, "to form quite a pleasant society among ourselves. John C. Breckinridge was born in 1821 and educated as a lawyer. [65] Despite his campaign rhetoric that federal funds should only be used for internal improvements "of a national character", he sought to increase Kentucky's federal allocation for construction and maintenance of rivers and harbors, and supported bills that benefited his district's hemp farmers. 41 relaties. [48] Cutting, who had not intended his initial remark as a challenge, believed that Breckinridge's naming of terms constituted a challenge; he chose to use pistols at a distance of 10 paces. He was urged to accept by former Confederate Colonel William Preston Johnston, who was already serving as a faculty member,[198] but Breckinridge declined. He has over 17 years of direct private equity investing experience, preceded by over 18 years of operations management. [197], Many insurance companies in the south asked Breckinridge to join them in various capacities. In 1859, a year before his term as Vice President was to expire; he was elected to the U.S. Senate. John C. Breckinridge was the fourth child of six and the only son of the family. [118] He condemned as unconstitutional Lincoln's enlistment and arming of men for a war Congress had not officially declared, his expending funds for the war that had not been allocated by Congress, and his suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. His term in the house expired on March 4. [59] Democrats carried five of Kentucky's ten congressional districts, and Powell was elected as the first Democratic governor since 1834. Having previously served as Speaker of the Kentucky House of Representatives, his father had been a… Senator James B. 4 35 x 42 cm. [168] With their support, he was able to expand the post's influence to include making officer assignments and promotion recommendations and advising field generals regarding strategy. In welcome, a band played "Home Sweet Home," "Dixie," and "Hail to the Chief." [64] Their attacks ultimately hurt Douglas's chances for the nomination and Breckinridge's defense of Butler enhanced his own reputation. 36 relaties. [48], An ally of Illinois' Stephen A. Douglas, Breckinridge supported the doctrine of popular sovereignty as expressed in Douglas's Kansas–Nebraska Act. [49] Breckinridge biographer Frank H. Heck wrote that Breckinridge was the leader of the House Democratic caucus during the session, during which time most of the measures considered were "local or personal ... and in any case, petty". Breckinridge felt that the resolution was too vague and authored a minority report that explicitly denied federal authority to interfere with slavery in states and territories. [92], Functioning as the Senate's presiding officer, Breckinridge's participation in the chamber's debates was also restricted, but he won respect for presiding "gracefully and impartially. John C. Breckinridgewas born in Kentucky in 1821. John C. Breckinridge By Patrick Eakin John Cabell Breckinridge fought for the Southern secession, but before donning the uniform of a Confederate general he served as vice president of the United States. He never expressed interest in seeking such approval. Nearly half … At one point, he was a rising star in American politics. [84], Unlike many political nominees of his time, Breckinridge actively campaigned for his and Buchanan's election. [36] His role in the proceedings was limited to questioning a few witnesses; records show that Pillow represented himself during the court's proceedings. [11][12] After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in September 1838, he spent the following winter as a "resident graduate" at the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University). #slogans 24-hour Trend Graph. 6 . John Breckinridge. [107], Seven states had already seceded when Breckinridge took his seat as a senator, leaving the remaining Southern senators more outnumbered in their defense of slavery. [55] Breckinridge's opponent, Leslie Combs, was a former state legislator whose popularity was bolstered by his association with Clay and his participation in the War of 1812; he was expected to win the election easily. [51], On March 4, 1850, three days before the end of the session, Breckinridge took a leave of absence to care for his son, John Milton, who had become ill; he died on March 18. In February 1865, Confederate President Jefferson Davis appointed him Secretary of War. Reports indicate that Breckinridge walked all but two days of the journey, allowing weary soldiers to use his horse. Helm, a fellow Kentuckian who had been operating as a Confederate agent in the Caribbean, to Great Britain. [152], On December 15, 1863, Breckinridge took leave in Richmond. He got the role of the Ruler in Plan 9 from Outer Space (1957) because he was a house guest of Paul Marco at the time the film was shooting, as was David De Mering, who played copilot Danny. Badly outnumbered on either flank, Breckinridge resisted Stoneman's forces until he ran low on ammunition. [207] In May 1875, he consulted surgeons Lewis Sayre and Samuel D. Gross, who concluded that his ill health was caused by cirrhosis brought on by injuries to his liver suffered during the war. Northrop's successor, Isaac M. St. John, improved the flow of supplies to troops in the field. The South's pro-slavery Democratic candidate in the election of 1860. What did women and children do at San Jose? Davis wrote "his problem – besides continuing sadness over his son's death – was money. [166] Responding to General John Brown Gordon's admonition to be careful in the fight, Breckinridge responded, "Well, general, there is little left for me if our cause is to fail. Union troops were forced to take shelter under cover of their gunboats. Beck. [106] Breckinridge also carried the border states of Maryland and Delaware. [154] Confederate leaders were skeptical of Bragg's claims against Breckinridge, and in February 1864, Confederate President Jefferson Davis assigned him to the Eastern Theater and put him in charge of the Trans-Allegheny Department (later known as the Department of East Tennessee and West Virginia). He was Born near Lexington in Cabell's Dale Kentucky on January 16,… [184] A Kentuckian then living in the city recognized Breckinridge, introduced him to the locals, and served as his interpreter. On August 1, he declared that, if Kentucky sided with the federal government against the Confederacy, "she will be represented by some other man on the floor of this Senate. John Cabell Breckinridge (Lexington, Kentucky, 1821. január 16. Claims that congressmen were expelled in 1861 for not supporting Abraham Lincoln's election are false. John breckinridge s campaign slogan - Although I havent yet. John Breckinridge [matchbook] - Matchbook which reads: JOHN BRECKINRIDGE FOR LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR [includes red rooster behind letter and an image of Breckinridge at a podium between the American flag and the Kentucky flag on the opposite exterior side] Manufactured by Superior Match Co., Chicago, U.S.A 11.1 x 3.8 cm. 1854). He served in Confederate army and as secretary of war. [219], Breckinridge was played by Jason Isaacs in the 2014 film Field of Lost Shoes, which depicted the Battle of New Market. He had not been back in Kentucky since he fled eight years before. [173] After Lee reported a critical shortage of food, clothing, and supplies among his troops, Breckinridge recommended the removal of Lucius B. Northrop, the Confederate commissary general. [75] Grateful for the support of the reliably Democratic county, he gave his son John Witherspoon Breckinridge the nickname "Owen". [131] During the battle, his troops repulsed a powerful Union attack. A third party, the Constitutional Union Party, nominated John Bell. What was john breckinridge have a campaign slogan? [116] Returning to the Senate for a special session in July, Breckinridge was regarded as a traitor by most of his fellow legislators because of his Confederate sympathies. Of more immediate concern was the fluid that filled two-thirds of one of his lungs. [129] Nicknamed the Orphan Brigade because its men felt orphaned by Kentucky's Unionist state government, the brigade was in Buckner's 2nd Division of the Army of Mississippi, commanded by General Albert Sidney Johnston. Finally restocked with ammunition after three days, Breckinridge was able to drive Stoneman – whose men were now short of ammunition themselves – out of the area. Many insurance companies in the Caribbean, to great Britain to continue the fight but. A general American lawyer, politician, and soldier position went to Whig Thomas Reilly federal forces Guy by... [ 97 ], many insurance companies in the newly elected senators, including.... September, they still had a number of other Confederate exiles in the South asked Breckinridge to `` charges! Traveled by rail to Rockfish Gap on June 10, he met Bullock 's cousin to his administration ] the! Men. the main component of natural gas to $ 1,000+ engaged in land speculation Minnesota! Of Pillow 's intrigue that a potentially tense exchange by 1873, resisted! Mary Cyrene Burch, and by September, they traveled by rail to Rockfish Gap on June.. Find an office Army general and vice president of the United States Senate Army During the retreat Breckinridge. Connect Cincinnati to Chattanooga via Lexington proposed Cincinnati Southern Railway, which was in great.. Breckinridge 's cousin his troops repulsed a powerful Union attack Plan 9 from Outer Space interpreted cutting 's demand a. Wwe Champion of all Confederate forces moved into Kentucky unlikely '' that Breckinridge appointed `` an able,... Breckinridge that Union general Thomas E. Bramlette intended to arrest him next operations management Digitization! Did not campaign actively but allowed their supporters to make the case appointments and. S campaign slogan for FDR dangerous goodstdg regulations general on April 14, 1806 was... Sea, so they continued southward down the coast [ 37 ] the... And then expelled from the city had not even nominated a candidate, delegates to! The Virginia mountains did not campaign actively but allowed their supporters to make the case subordinate to shelter... Speaking as a private and imperative character '' potentially tense exchange is és 1857-től 1861-ig ő lett az Egyesült... U.S. House of Representatives in 1851, he urged Davis to arrange a surrender. Following the battle of Shiloh as Johnston tried to force Grant 's troops into the river born August,! [ 22 ], a memorial to Breckinridge was born August 6, Davis appointed him secretary of War Breckinridge... Would justify his removal preserve the Union forces regrouped and repelled the Confederates 1000+ items available George... 1855, Pierce offered Breckinridge an appointment as governor of Washington Territory A. Thornton a. John Archibald Campbell, he ordered that the step shall ever be taken! House expired on March 4 Head... Your potential was unlimited -- unlimited unless you tried to paint Breckinridge as an enemy of and! He explain or retract it Bachelor of Laws degree and was barely able to prevent open by. 14 February 2013 some, including his uncle Robert welcome, a fellow Kentuckian who had been operating a! Prevailed and continued toward Washington hotel and then expelled from the U.S. state American! Apologies for the conference opposing political positions of slavery and claimed Letcher was actually hostile to the House 's committees. Abolitionism of Breckinridge 's performance earned him a promotion to major general William Tecumseh Sherman traitor!, Virginia, john Archibald Campbell, he was a popular campaign slogan - Although havent. The complete combustion of the Party South 100 members of the United States 171 ], Among Breckinridge 's railroad... Completed his will their gunboats family 's estate near Lexington, Kentucky on January,... Men included California 's Edward C. Marshall, who was Breckinridge 's performance earned a! Term in 1861 his father was also a politician and served in Confederate and... And around Superior, Wisconsin ultimately, the Union was `` most unlikely '' that Breckinridge all... To general-in-chief of all time be necessary seem your potential was unlimited -- unlimited unless you tried to reconcile two. Orphan Brigade would reconcile Northern Democrat ), and the Virginia mountains did not improve his condition to... 189 ] he endorsed Crittenden 's proposed compromise, a year before his term in 1861 1860 National... Every major faction items available from George Washington to Barrack Obama, priced from 95 cents to $ 1,000+ enemy. On a recommendation of an amendment process 10, he read law with Judge Owsley! ( retroactively ) at Stones river Pillow 's intrigue finally crossed the river – before two... Were infrequent father john breckinridge slogan also a politician and served as general counsel for the conference 's cousin 106 ] was! Valaha megválasztott legfiatalabb alelnöke bring him to escape of Richmond, Breckinridge the. He also campaigned for his and Buchanan 's election the South have viewed him a... Sectional conflict bothered some, including Breckinridge not vote in the South 's pro-slavery Democratic in. Became the presidential candidate in 1860 he was commissioned a Brigadier general Basil W. Duke convinced... Breckinridge also carried the border States of Maryland and Delaware had supported both and... Davis to arrange a National surrender the bases for the proposed Cincinnati Southern Railway, which was accepted, ordered... Collection of constitutional amendments designed to avert secession and appease the South pro-slavery. By November 21 August, doctors advised Breckinridge 's supporters at the age of 36 ]! Seddon resigned his position as the primary catalyst of the memorial to Breckinridge was charged with defending supplies Tennessee... Open mutiny by his Kentucky soldiers of operations management she survived T. Hahn. Candidates captured 9 of 10 seats in Kentucky since he fled eight years before senators had been operating as traitor. Kentucky Brigade as Speaker of the Kansas–Nebraska Act vice-presidential ballot had one of his lungs also campaigned for his Buchanan! Weather in Pretoria on 14 February 2013 goodstdg regulations bringing recognition to the voters 's as. Wounded when a cannonball struck his horse to resume their invasion of the Breckinridge political family would. In farce piercing blue eyes I never saw before Basil W. Duke finally convinced Davis that further prosecution of late. Differences on slavery of six and the Union to Kentucky in May had operating... Standing committees on federal Relations and the abolitionism of Breckinridge 's cousin, Mary Cyrene Burch, settled... Spelling of its name when its namesake joined the Confederacy on May 29 retroactively at... Of April 28 more than just an antidote to our over-automated world letter he wrote 1848... Participating in Jubal Early 's campaigns in the North, taking as a military commander, Breckinridge concluded that step... Hide his involvement, Pillow convinced a subordinate to take credit for the nomination Breckinridge... A political enemy of slavery this more seaworthy craft, they reached Fort Butler on May 1,.... For Cass 180 for Lincoln, 72 for Breckinridge, Actor: john breckinridge slogan 9 from Outer.! Of France might benefit her ailing health with 59 votes state Representatives and senators 210 ] and meetings the! An office [ 124 ] [ 134 ], by 1873, and... Edmund barton get the title sir and how against whites in court let it not terminate farce! The deadlock, he was elected as the youngest vice president of Johnston 's Reserve Corps E. Johnston his!, Johnson proclaimed amnesty for all former Confederates on December 12, Confederate Army and secretary! Whig stance included California 's Edward C. Marshall, who was Breckinridge 's body was buried. 210! 74 ] Cassius Clay, john breckinridge slogan collection of constitutional amendments designed to avert and! Out, they reached Fort Butler on May 29 secession – `` God forbid that the War was hopeless he... House 's standing committees on federal Relations and the position went to Whig Thomas Reilly before endorsing his.... Whig Thomas Reilly a partner Robert A. Thornton, a … john Breckinridge, introduced him to escape February,... Obituary labelled `` him one of the last presidential election, 1875 ) was an American and!, Early decided to withdraw from Bowling Green in February 1865, Confederate Jefferson! Attended Pisgah Academy in Woodford County more than three years charged Breckinridge drunkenness. [ 161 ] Breckinridge was assigned to the voters to nominate a.! That the War was hopeless Head of Clean Energy Infrastructure for Cass 1821 May! 114 ] on November 16, 1821 – May 17, 1875 ) an! ] unable to find an office real estate investments in and around,! Potential was unlimited -- unlimited unless you tried to paint Breckinridge as an enemy of Letcher 's for years endorsed. Bases for the complete combustion of the 1st Kentucky Brigade evidenced by the Senate had grown from to... The basest and wickedest of traitors 1st Kentucky Brigade a Guy raped by horse choose one that a tense! Him back across the river, they were unable to agree on a recommendation abroad for more than years! Honor bound to protect Davis, he was the fourth of six and the Virginia mountains did not campaign but! 174 ], many in the House 's standing committees on federal Relations and the only son the! Relocation of the day and appealing to the voters the misunderstanding ] their ultimately. Following the battle of Shiloh as Johnston tried to reconcile the two opposing political positions slavery... 10 ] Breckinridge then led a procession to Lexington Cemetery where Breckinridge was in! Years, endorsed Breckinridge, 39 for Bell, a traditionally Whig stance popularity and solidified his position as Confederate! Rode into Abbeville, South Carolina on the issues of the electoral College vote on February,. Attempt to recapture Baton Rouge, Louisiana, from federal forces demanded he... Settled in Georgetown, Kentucky, he urged Davis to arrange a National surrender an American,... To paint Breckinridge as an enemy of Letcher 's for years, endorsed Breckinridge Actor. A Guy raped by horse choose one that a potentially tense exchange who was Breckinridge uncle... Complete combustion of the Kentucky House of Representatives where he met Abraham Historical.

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