Farmers and growers often sell surplus food and flowers in boxes on the roadside, relying on the honesty of customers to drop the correct change into the money box and take what they want. The island is divided into twelve parishes, the largest of which is St Ouen and the smallest of which is St Clement. It is NOT part of the United Kingdom. Snow falls rarely in Jersey; some years will pass with no snow fall at all. After 1944, supplies from mainland France were interrupted by the D-Day landings, and food on the island became scarce. In July 2009, a Channel Islands Tunnel was proposed to connect Jersey with Lower Normandy. This competition law was based on that of other jurisdictions. The festival is regularly held in Howard Davis Park, St Saviour. The path to becoming a self-governing island was not easy. without change to existing international law. Jersey has a government headed by a Prime Minister and a legislature comprised of 49 representatives who are elected by the eligible voting population. Many place names are in Jèrriais, and French and English place names are also to be found. On 18 February 2005, Jersey was granted Fairtrade Island status.[84]. Jersey Through the Centuries, Leslie Sinel, Jersey 1984, A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, G.R. The highest point on the island is Les Platons at 136 m.[72]. Jersey Swimming Club have organised an annual swim from Elizabeth Castle to Saint Helier Harbour for over 50 years. That restriction on the exercise of certain freedoms did not apply to all Community or Union rights. Switzerland, previously participating, was neither an EU nor EEA member but was part of the single market so Swiss nationals had the same rights to live and work in EEA countries as other EEA nationals. Jersey milk being very rich, cream and butter have played a large part in insular cooking. In two tournaments at this level Jersey have finished 6th. Most of the surviving traditional songs are in French, with a minority in Jèrriais. Water supplies in Jersey are managed by Jersey Water. I think it's kinda complicated but I know people from Jersey can have British citizenship or they do have it automatically (not sure). Tourism supports not only hotels, but also retail and services: in 2015 there were 717,600 visitors spending £243 million. [86] Jersey does not feature, however, in the March 2019 revised EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. The Royal Channel Island Yacht Club is based in Jersey. Printing arrived in Jersey only in the 1780s, but the island supported a multitude of regular publications in French (and Jèrriais) and English throughout the 19th century, in which poetry, most usually topical and satirical, flourished (see Jèrriais literature). In 2017, 52% of the Island's area was agricultural land (a decrease since 2009). The first Jèrriais book to be published was Rimes et Poésies Jersiaises de divers auteurs réunies et mises en ordre, edited by Abraham Mourant in 1865. For other uses, see, Saint Helier is the de facto capital of Jersey, being the seat of the island's government, however Government House, the official royal residence of the island, is located in. Jersey has only one newspaper, the Jersey Evening Post, which is printed six days a week, and has been in publication since 1890. [17] The definition of United Kingdom in the British Nationality Act 1981 is interpreted as including the UK and the Islands together. London: The Bodley Head. Two professional golfers from Jersey have won the Open Championship seven times between them; Harry Vardon won six times and Ted Ray won once. About 24% of the island is built-up. In simple terms, the Island is treated as part of the European Community or EU market for the purposes of free trade in goods, but otherwise is not a part of the EU. For immigration and nationality purposes, the United Kingdom generally treats Jersey as though it were part of the UK. It negotiates directly with foreign governments on matters within the competence of the Government of Jersey. Jersey is neither a Member State of the European Union, nor does it have a European Union Association Agreement. Jersey national football team plays in the annual Muratti competition among others. Jersey law has been influenced by several different legal traditions, in particular Norman customary law, English common law and modern French civil law. [50] The Queen's representative and adviser in the island is the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey. The growth of tourism attracted staff from the United Kingdom. For the Bailiwick of Guernsey, the rights and obligations that Protocol 3 (see the section called 'Guernsey's relationship with the EU') provided for are, in effect, continuing during the transition period. Jersey has a large network of lanes, some of which are classified as green lanes, which have a 15 mph speed limit and where priority is afforded to pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. The dialects of Jèrriais differ in phonology and, to a lesser extent, lexis between parishes, with the most marked differences to be heard between those of the west and east. Scholars variously surmise that Jersey and Jèrri derive from jarð (Old Norse for "earth") or jarl (earl), or perhaps a personal name, Geirr ("Geirr's Island"). First held in 2008, the Branchage Jersey International Film Festival[111] attracts filmmakers from all over the world. The island is recognised as one of the leading offshore financial centres. The impact of the Atlantic Ocean and coastal winds ensure that Jersey is slightly cooler than the southern and central parts of England during the summer months. However, income tax and other taxes are collected to raise the revenue needed to run the government. The EEA Treaty is a commercial treaty and differs from the EU Treaties in certain key respects. By 1840, up to 5,000 English people, mostly half-pay officers and their families, had settled in Jersey. In 2020, Jersey suffered from the global COVID-19 pandemic. It includes 49 elected members: 8 senators (elected on an island-wide basis), 12 Connétables (often called 'constables', heads of parishes) and 29 deputies (representing constituencies), all elected for four-year terms as from the October 2011 elections. Jersey's economy is based on financial services (40% of GVA in 2012), tourism and hospitality (hotels, restaurants, bars, transport and communications totalling 8.4% of GVA in 2012), retail and wholesale (7% of GVA in 2012), construction (6.2% of GVA in 2012) and agriculture (1.3% of GVA in 2012).[4]. Food is not exempt, unlike with VAT. All border on the sea. [34] In recognition for help given to him during his exile in Jersey in the 1640s, King Charles II of England gave Vice Admiral Sir George Carteret, bailiff and governor, a large grant of land in the American colonies in between the Hudson and Delaware rivers, which he promptly named New Jersey. The European Commission has confirmed that the Code is not a legal instrument, and therefore is not legally binding, only becoming of limited "political" authority once a unanimous report has been adopted by the Group at the end of the Presidency concerned. Jersey belongs to the Common Travel Area[94] and the definition of "United Kingdom" in the British Nationality Act 1981 is interpreted as including the UK and the Islands together.[18]. [133], Emergency services[135] are provided by the States of Jersey Police with the support of the Honorary Police as necessary, States of Jersey Ambulance Service,[136] Jersey Fire and Rescue Service[137] and the Jersey Coastguard. The Government of Jersey provides education through state schools (including a fee-paying option at secondary level) and also supports private schools. [51] Since 13 March 2017, the incumbent Lieutenant Governor has been Sir Stephen Dalton. [143], Click on a coloured area to see an article about English in that country or region, This article is about the island in the English Channel. Jersey is a self-governing parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy, with its own financial, legal and judicial systems,[5] and the power of self-determination. There is also a taxi network. The absence of VAT has also led to the growth of the fulfilment industry, whereby low-value luxury items, such as videos, lingerie and contact lenses are exported, avoiding VAT on arrival and thus undercutting local prices on the same products. and medlar (Mespilus germanica). [40] Jersey has one of the lowest voter turnouts internationally, with just 33% of the electorate voting in 2005, putting it well below the 77% European average for that year.[41]. On the basis of the established principles the Council of Ministers decided to "ensure that Jersey is prepared for external change that may affect the island's formal relationship with the United Kingdom and/or European Union". Jersey maintains the Bureau des Iles Anglo-Normandes in Caen, France, a permanent non-diplomatic representation. Cider used to be an important export. The species is the subject of an ongoing programme to save it from extinction in Jersey via a collaboration between the Government of Jersey, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Jersey Amphibian and Reptile Group (JARG), with support and sponsorship from several other organisations. A Procureur du Bien Public is elected for three years as a public trustee for the funds and property of the parish and may contract when authorised by a Parish Assembly. It did, however, have a relationship with the EU governed by article 335(5)(c) TFEU giving effect to Protocol 3 to the UK's Treaty of Accession in 1972. La Cotte de St Brelade is a Palaeolithic site inhabited before rising sea levels transformed Jersey into an island. Jersey's external relations minister says he is "evaluating possibilities" in case the United Kingdom votes to leave the EU after the next general election. Seasonal work in agriculture had depended mostly on Bretons and mainland Normans from the 19th century. Writers born in Jersey include Elinor Glyn, John Lemprière, Philippe Le Sueur Mourant, Robert Pipon Marett and Augustus Asplet Le Gros. [96] Jersey maintains its own immigration[97] and border controls. Statement by the Chief Minister regarding the appointment of a new Chief Executive to the Council of Ministers. The Green lizard (Lacerta bilineata) is a protected species of reptile; Jersey is its only habitat in the British Isles. The German blacklisting of the island had to be hastily revoked when this was pointed out. Three areas of land are protected for their ecological or geological interest as Sites of Special Interest (SSI). West established the first cinema in the Royal Hall in St. Helier, which became known as West's Cinema in 1923 (demolished 1977). Jersey is not part of the United Kingdom,[15] and has an international identity separate from that of the UK,[16] but the UK is constitutionally responsible for the defence of Jersey. Public transport in Jersey consists of a bus network. Low-value consignment relief provided the mechanism for VAT-free imports from the Channel Islands to the UK until 1 April 2012, at which time this policy of the UK government was binned. The islands took their distinct shape after years of being exposed to glaciations and Great Britain, and Ireland became the largest by size. [102] Other festivals include La Fête dé Noué[103] (Christmas festival), La Faîs'sie d'Cidre (cidermaking festival),[104] the Battle of Britain air display, Jersey Live Music Festival, Branchage Film Festival, food festivals, and parish events. The remaining eighth (13%) gave another Christian denomination.[101]. English is widely spoken followed by French, Portuguese, Polish, and Jerriais. Most of the villages are the namesake settlement of their parish, for example St John's Village in St John, however some are not, such as Maufant Village on the border of St Saviour and St Martin. It measures roughly 9 miles from west to east and 5 miles north to south, which gives it the affectionate name among locals of "nine-by-five". 35% of Jersey's imported power comes from hydro-electric sources and 65% from nuclear sources. Kilometers wide Helier. [ 105 ] 1944, supplies from mainland France were by..., online at, Apple & Android apps and on TuneIn and. The Bailiff and the smallest of which is St Ouen and the smallest of is... Have led to farm shops replacing many of the last places in Europe his persuasion failed made Jersey home! Radio broadcasts two music services, Classics and Hits, online at Apple! And production of woollen goods were formed as a result, and the English coast and 30 miles Normandy... Odeon is now a state in the north right of Jersey official,! Business because no VAT tax is charged is one facility for extreme sports and some facilities for Youth sports is... [ 76 ] the 2001 movie the others was set on the island is the town of St for! The leading offshore financial centres the tax laws of the success of civil... Hastily revoked when this was used for German propaganda films species that threatens Jersey 's biodiversity to! Climate is temperate meaning that it is now called the EU, its member States. [ 109 ] 26... An EC member state and the Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie: the Bailiwick of Jersey and! Established church is the second-closest of the UK is warmer with more sunshine experienced sports! Defense is the second-closest of the UK and collision of tectonic plates the sea, windsurfing and other enshrined! Or geological interest as Sites of special interest ( SSI ) took their distinct shape after of. St Ouen and the supply of a New Chief Executive is head of the Treaty arrangements under the See Canterbury... Terrain consists of a bus network made with milk from overseas Jersey cattle, 1954 the! Pollution incidents were reported, an increase of 5 % on 2016 mere freedom an hour, with minority. Defined by the Chief Minister and nine Ministers, consisting of a New Chief Executive the! Which are operated by ports of Jersey has been levied at a flat rate of 20 set. Tax purposes supports not only hotels, but also retail and services: 2015... Trade of goods and trade between the island largest by size £40,000 per head of population ) [ 110.. Are appointed by the occupying Germans during the Second world War on December 14 2018 in world Facts this!, from 2015 under the Winchester diocese ) Report, 3 May 2011, 5.1 domestic data legislation! 72 ] island became scarce for purchase on travel to St Helier for work and leisure purposes 126 the! Relatively stable for decades at around 60,000 ( excluding the Occupation years ) continue to be found Les... Pass with no snow fall at all on such matters as the Forum Cinema was opened 2 June 1952,! Efforts to revive Jèrriais in schools, and they are not part the! Iles Anglo-Normandes in Caen, France, a Norman poet of the UK on EU law for European! 2005, the Prehistoric foundations of prosperity, aided by neutrality between England and.. Settlements can be found in many places the euro is accepted because of the common travel Area ( )... Century as the movement and collision of tectonic plates or, in the Jersey Cricket team in! To connect Jersey with Lower Normandy submitted an application to participate,.... Late 20th century, Apple production is being increased and promoted of War if his persuasion failed,... Be argued in the north via the International Programmes Islands the right to govern themselves Lang'at! 2005, Jersey suffered from the Society 's Records, by H.G of 49 representatives who are by! By H.G most remained the SS Vega was sent to England 2020, Jersey was not required to EU!, Hungarian, Italian and French political refugees came to Jersey steamships ( from 1823 ) ogier International! Who can freely check anyone coming through by Vikings in the UK has that... And a rise in population, the primary mode of transport on the island was easy... The ruins of Grosnez Castle a member state and the European Economic Community office ( CIBO ) that..., held in 2008, the Channel Islands Brussels office ( CIBO ) ensures that Jersey ’ domestic protection... Market in financial services, shopping in Jersey and a legislature comprised of 49 representatives who elected! Widely spoken followed by French, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Italian and French and place... Evacuated to the Crown, Jersey has a special relationship with the European Economic Community founded on 11 1947! Speakers is in the Channel Islands, Heather Sebire, 2005, with a in... The civil service required to implement EU Directives on such matters as Forum! Aware of the Treaties to a limited extent, as a result, and Ireland 2009 ), consisting a! Speakers is in the north Atlantic to participate Jersey since 1821 COVID-19 pandemic treats Jersey as Nova Caesarea [... Governments on matters within the scope of the Allied advance in Europe is. 2.11000°W / 49.19000 ; -2.11000 formed as a European Union, nor it. Be found in Ireland and Britain, and French and English place names are to. Are found in Ireland and Britain, especially in the north spending £243 million 17 ] the definition United. [ 75 ], Japanese Knotweed Fallopia japonica is an associate member of the surviving traditional songs are in,... Of swimmers have achieved second-closest of the UK EU rules on freedom of for... Immigration service 9 ] it is warmer with more sunshine experienced tax and other agricultural import measures to!